Houston Design District

Savannah House
Houston Design District Partners
(713) 863-2948

Here are trusted partner companies recommended by Houston Design District.
Located in the Washington Square Design Center
Skyline Art Services
‚Äč(713) 783-1222
Located across from the Houston Design Center
6955 Portwest, Suite 160
Relative Home
(281) 537-7373
Located in the Memorial Design Center
8570 Katy Freeway, Suite 117
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Accessories and Specialty Lighting
Art and Art Installations
Audio/Visual and Home Theater
Art and Interior Floral Landscaping
For All Occassions
(877) 880-4333

8200-A Washington Ave.
Savannah House
Skyline Art
Relative Home Systems
For All Occassions
7069 Old Katy Rd.